The is an excellent carry pistol. All hit in a nice 2.50″ group for this old Mr. Magoo with visual impairment. It plain sucks!! There’s unquestionably a dedicated cadre of CZ fanboys amongst our readership as well as in the general gun-owning community. With so many holsters and different options on the market, my search for the best CZ75 holster one took longer than I first thought it would.. After some time and thorough research, I did manage to narrow down the options to the top five. The CZ is the better of the two. But, yes… Worth every penny, and a steal at twice the price. I have more trouble on the first pull in decocker mode with my P09 than the P01. the cz 75 is one of the 3 best pistols ever. I recommend this CZ 75 Compact for definite consideration as your home defense and/or fun recreational range gun. I find this mildly amusing. Never fired a CZ75 but have always admired the engineering and mfg. Action Type: SA/DA Well, each to his own. The 75 Compact is very easy to disassemble. I call your review mostly False. Overall Length: 7.3″ Know that I am not on the CZ-USA payroll, have not been paid by them for my review, and have not been influenced by them in any way to say certain things about the gun. My CZ75 mags fit it also (as well as the Compact). More accurately, this is the G19 of CZs. Please do not lump us high class critters in with those D*-rAt C#¢K $U¢K®$, You are correct sir possum. Greg the owner and his exceptional team take great pride in each product they make and even offer a 30-day return policy on all holsters. Trying not to get off track; The biggest negatives (for me) is the CZ 75B Compact is it’s weight. Sorry lefties. This kydex holster rides high and pulls the gun very close to the body and is very durable. Although it was accurate, it is not optimal for carry for me. As always, I disassembled, lubed, cleaned, and re-assembled the pistol before I shot it. My own. The CZ 75 Compact has a frame-mounted manual safety lever on the left side only. There are of course some bad apples in all manufactured products but the mechanics of the gun and design, like the way the slide fits, helps with recoil and makes it a lot smoother. You must make your own tradeoffs, especially with the added weight and stability for accuracy and better felt recoil, etc. I shot their high-quality 9mm ammo: The ammo was reliable, worked very well, and I did not have any malfunctions or stoppages. While the compact’s curved trigger is nice, I do prefer the 75 B full-size’s flat trigger. Their Flapjack Outside-the-Waistband (OWB) Holster is the time-tested Pancake Holster which works for concealment and outside-the-waistband carry. The plastic guide rod looks cheesy, but that is all it is: a guide for linear motion. It WAS a TTAG standard that range reports were much more than, “We tested the CZ 75 Compact with a range of ammo including Armscor 115gr ball as well as JHP loads. Is 5 yds the new standard?? When I say John Browning, you know who I’m talking about. swap-able back straps accomplish the same thing now. CZ-75/TZ-75/Baby Eagle High Capacity Magazine 9mm - 32 round - Blue Easy loading - Rugged high carbon heat-treated body - Durable heat-treated music wire - High-quality, injection-molded polymer base & follower - Manufactured & assembled in the U.S.A. The reliability is on par with Republican senators on gun control. Oh well. 6. I guess I am spoiled with the 1911 trigger, but the 75 Compact’s trigger press was good in single action, and I did like the short reset and crisp break. Dan, a commander only has a shortened slide. I have mostly plastic compacts. I used to sell and service CZ motorcycles and the steel was always properly heat treated with decent coatings. That gives the CZ 75 Compact an admirably low bore axis (compare it to a GLOCK or SIG) which, along with the pistol’s 32+ oz weight, greatly minimizes felt recoil. Easy! Please avoid buying any CZ handguns. Bad, terrible guns you will hate. His reference book is endorsed by several organizations and is available on his website at. I would highly NOT recommend a CZ decocker, manual decocking is absolutely no problem, and a safety is better anyway, IMO. I have a SP-01 Shadow and my wife has a P-01 – the size is the same as if you hacked off the front and the bottom of the grip. There is no pressure on it whatsoever. This is the only change I would suggest initially, until you have more range time with the gun. Reliable, robust, and built to last with an all-steel frame, it’s heavier than polymer archetypes like the … and while these do have low bore axis i don’t think it’s due to the slide in frame. No one else seems to do this. One thing that I found attractive about this pistol was it’s material of construction, all steel, which I believe a full size service pistol should be. This is very much personal preference. It uses the same linkless cam locking system designed by JMB for the 9mm Browning Hi-Power. This 75 Compact pistol digested all ammo well without a single malfunction or stoppage. heavier than everybody elses glock, and nice enough to actually want to show it off to your friends.. The PCR is my fav though. I’ve used it in shooting competitions before even being down a few rounds from other pistols and shot very well. CZ-USA says this is for better recoil control. The most notable feature of the Czech 9mm pistol is its highly-durable all-steel construction. I went with the px4. Please do not buy any of them, especially the PCR, the P-01, the Rami BD, or the P-10S optics ready. FWIW, I’m a huge fan of my CZ P01 (as stated, similar to the compact, but with a decocker rather than the safety.) Critically evaluate the gun YOURSELF with hands-on per your criteria, purpose, and skills with standard drills, with various ammo types and brands, over an extended break-in period of about 500 rounds. The smooth, contured edges, rounded trigger guard and its ample size, and grip helped me with a comfortable and solid-feeling grasp. CZ-75 Build & Construction Although the CZ-75 may look standard, there’s more to it than meets the eye. 9. Off the bench yes you can hit targets at 25 yards no problem but shooting off the bench and shooting combat rapidly is a different ball game altogether that is why accuracy tests off the bench are often so misleading. And it does come with a Limited 5-Year Warranty. I don’t know if that is an editorial direction or not. Barrel Length: 3.75″ Thinking about getting a compact 9mm, so far the CZ 75B Compact. Still, with added refinements, you have a fine carry pistol at much less price than a Sig. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I like the single-action trigger press because of the inherent accuracy from the lighter trigger press and reduced movement advantage. There is no “out of bounds” in a gunfight. Should have much more detailed info including shooting at a target further than 15’ !!! The ergonomics of the 75 Compact are excellent. It’s the 45 that John Browning could appreciate. I am impressed with its accuracy and reliability right out of the box. I bought this gun because I considered it safer to handle and carry than my Glock 19 but never ended up carrying it not even once despite even buying a nice holster for it. rcel.src = """&c="+(new Date()).getTime()+"&width="+(window.outerWidth || document.documentElement.clientWidth)+"&referer="+referer; And i have never shot a CZ i didn’t love! The pistol also has a passive firing pin block safety. don’t be afraid to go used either, they’re durable and in my experience the owners tend to take good care of them. Is it a worthy contender for concealed carry? Subsequent models followed to include the CZ 75 BD and CZ 75 Compact. i used to do a bunch of conversions to single action only with the cz kits on the cz and all of the clones. The CZ points well but has a high bore axis reducing recovery time between shots and a heavy double action first shot pull and a short sighting radius and a gritty single action pull. Handgun Search; Tabletop Compare; Contribute; Contact; Glock . The heavy all-steel weight does help a lot with very manageable felt recoil, muzzle flip, and accuracy. wish the compact came in the high polish stainless. Bench tests never take into consideration the height of the bore axis of the gun or the ergonomics when pointing it. I had Cajun do their magic and now I have learned to shoot the DA and love it. I did not have to press the trigger to disassemble it, and it was quick and very easy to takedown without using any tools. Can’t have a CZ review without a nod to Cajun Gun Works. The CZ 75 D PCR is a Double Action/Single Action operation and is basically the same size as the CZ 75 Compact model. CZ-75D vs. CZ-75B. A new trigger spring and heavier hammer spring keeps it operating the exact same while increasing trigger weight, if desired. CZ 75 Compact 9mm Review Criteria and Considerations. True that. Great gun. I shot many guns in my search for the platform that works best for my medium sized hands, and the CZ fit me perfectly, shot great straight outta the box, and even easier/smoother once Cajunized. Being someone with unusually small hands, the length of pull on the full-size CZ 75s and was always too much for me to manage. It wasn’t a sudden failure, the firing pin end was visibly distended for 10 or so firings before it let go. Those plastic grip panels won’t win any beauty contests, but they’re easy enough to swap out. In standard CZ fashion, the slide rails ride inside the frame, in contrast to most semi-automatic handguns. getting rid of that long double action trigger really makes these babies sing. Agreed that it is definitely not a good concealed carry pistol, but your complaints about disassembly are way off mark from my experience. The Compact trigger is not as good as an M&P Shield or a G43. Never tried one myself, but a shooter with raccoon-size hands, I might have to. Our CZ 75 Compact came equipped with night sights. 3. Unlike a 1911, though, the CZ 75 Compact is a double stack 9mm that give the shooter 14+1 rounds of capacity in a commander-sized package. If they made a stainless with single side levers, I would buy one. Customization: * * * * * I shot a buddy’s, and it just fit and shot exactly right. You can add or subtract from my criteria to meet your needs and preferences. The 8.50-pound press average is over my 6.50-pound max in my specified criteria. A very special and unique feature for the 75 Compact and 75 B is that the slide rides inside the frame rails, rather than outside of them. The rear two dot sight is a dovetailed blade type sight that lets you rack the slide one-handed should you need to. I don’t know if the steel was superior in terms of guns but SBE made some damn fine guns. And you can still get one on the Left Coast. I really love this Tristar. I really like the overall ergonomics of this gun. Like traditional Sig Sauer firearms, the CZ is a heavyweight that can sure as … Can’t forget my CZ82! DA/SA Compact Pistol . Star Bonifacio Echeverria, S.A. was the company until 1997. But on the plus side of that, it makes other things looks very large. The Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) 75 B is a double-single action, steel, hammer-fired pistol currently manufactured in and first introduced in the Czech Republic. I had no feeding problems with the ammo, and the mags ejected freely (after some light oil in the right places), and they worked well. My CZ 75B is the most accurate pistol I’ve ever shot. In short you get a lot for your gun-buying dollar with a CZ handgun. And if someone is shooting at me from 25 yards away then i am shooting back as long as they are a threat. This is an easy gun to shoot at distance. 7. But it would never be my EDC. I know. There definitely was quality workmanship, and its finish was uniform and beautiful. This classic gun’s trigger has a very identifiable click, and the short reset point was easy to feel. The sear cage alone grrrrrrrrr. My SP01 is flipping incredible. frame. These were great for my colorblind eyes. Its time for CZ to do a very minor update to the 75’s…a larger ejection port, and as noted above, some grip texturing to the front and back of the frame are in order at this point. The slide release acts as the takedown lever. The Compact is just a smaller version of the full-size CZ 75 B. I enjoy practicing with the 9mm since it is not snappy, the recoil does not bother me, and 9mm ammo is less expensive than some other carry rounds. Windage adjustment can be done by drifting the rear sight in the dovetail. In 1911, I prefer super38, simple due to C.O.A.L. The SP2022, is home defense. TriStar will accept CZ aftermarket grips with minor work with a small file. It would be nice to have a third mag included. My first 30 rounds (with a mag change), fired rapid fire with this 75 Compact and the Sig Elite Ball FMJ, were at 7 yards and at 10 yards. The Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) 75 Compact is a double-single action, steel, hammer-fired pistol currently manufactured in and first introduced in the Czech Republic. The Shadow is deluxe!! The polished steel 75B especially should be avoided. The slide is more difficult to operate since it is inside the frame. Also, the beavertail allowed me to grip the gun high for better control. The CZ-75 is a hammer-fired semi-automatic handgun. They are my favorite of all my handguns. If only CZ had given it some texture on the back or front of the grip. width, depth, and reach are all the same. But that’s me. BUT, shoot it for yourself to make your own decisions, based on your abilities, goals, traits, proficiency, and purpose. As in not a hiccup. CZ’s are some of the nicest DA/SA for the money, give them a look if you like a nice all steal gun. I can plink at a 4” steel circle at 20yds all day with my CZ, (or the “5×5 Drill” in 4 seconds), and I don’t consider myself “wicked good”. Update: If you own a Glock do not panic Glock actually had 3 length slide rails before they finally got it right so supposedly this problem is now cured and remember to call it an upgrade not a recall because you might hurt Glock’s feelings in regards to their guns not really being perfect. The upswept beavertail helps get your hand positioned high at the very top of the backstrap for better recoil control. It is an Eastern bloc sidearm, not a fashion piece. I had to make my own extended mag release and took care of the smooth front and back straps with skate board tape. It should not be relied upon as accurate for all shooters & the author assumes no responsibility for anyone’s use of the information and shall not be liable for any improper or incorrect use of the information or any damages or injuries incurred whatsoever. I want to be honest and straight-forward with my opinions and ideas the way I see the pistol to sincerely help folks. My gunsmith friend told me that the cold hammer-forged process hardens the barrel’s steel causing a very durable and long-lasting barrel. I have a CZ-75 Compact and it is by far the easiest gun I have to take down for cleaning. To begin this review, I want to give you the 75 Compact Specifications and Features. I am fond of the older CZ’s. Count me as one of those CZ fans. I’ve owned a Glock, great weapon, mine was a lemon (it happens regardless of manufacture) & traded it for the SP2022. I used my Modified-Isosceles Stance and a two-handed grip when I shot the gun. The Tristar C-100 is much better than the CZ. The accuracy of the 75 Compact was excellent, with its 3.75″ barrel, very fine ergonomics, and weight at personal protection distances of 3, 5, 7, 10, and 15 yards. I really enjoyed shooting the CZ 75 Compact. (I installed a SureFire X200 light on the review gun, and it is one bright tactical light!) I’m a 45 guy and own a SigSauer P220 and a CZ97BD. This means that the slide and barrel join together with interlocking lugs milled into their respective surfaces. A criticism about the review though. I have to go with steel; CZ 75B Compact. I’ve never had a misfire on either pistols. Lots of other ballistic fish in the sea, right? I have heard “ How much ya want for it.” several times when letting others try it out on the range. Cajun Gunworks has parts to upgrade the pistols, CZ Custom also for CZ’s. Sig Sauer Elite Performance 115 grain FMJ (rated MV=1185 fps & ME=359 ftlbs); Sig Sauer V-Crown 124 grain JHP (rated MV=1165 fps & ME=443 ftlbs); Sig Sauer V-Crown 147 grain JHP (rated MV=985 fps & ME=317 ftlbs); &, Sig Sauer M17 124 grain +P FMJ (rated MV=1198 fps & ME 395 ftlbs). The P-01 differs in a number of ways from the CZ 75 while maintaining the core advantages that make the CZ 75 such a great pistol. The magazine release was easy to reach and operate, with the mags releasing freely. Just like most of the handguns that are in the market today, it features a steel frame. The stainless steel slide and frame really helped with accuracy, but again make the carry tradeoff decision for yourself. Compare Views. 3. They had a free reign on the design of the pistol, which can be considered a privilege at the time, given they were living in a heavily stringent Soviet regime. The Compact is just a smaller version of the full-size CZ 75 B. The gun was heavy and after a few days of carrying it, I am deciding if I want to carry this gun. Used by the Cze Police and Military. So, I combined these into my last Miscellaneous criterion. Then there are the Swiss Sphinx versions, imported by Kriss in Va Beach VA, please be seated when you notice the price. Made In: Czech Republic Because of its great accuracy out of the box and its ergonomics, I am very tempted to regularly carry it. Finally, I get around to showing you a CZ 75! For the price point, it’s certainly a concealed carry pistol which holds all the characteristics of a cold-weather everyday carry. The CZ 75 B is an icon and has given birth to the CZ 2075 Rami, the CZ Shadow that is our favorite of the full-size 9mm and this, the CZ 75 Compact. The Czech pistols are time-tested, well-made, ultra-reliable and reasonably priced. You might want to consider changing from the standard polymer grips to some custom grips, if needed for your hand size and personal preference. Best thing about the 75 compact is you can buy an SAO trigger from CZ Custom and get rid of that silly and useless DA feature. I believe the CZ-75D PCR fixes the flaws I found in the CZ-75B. Overall: * * * * 1/2 I think he made a mistake…, var referer="";try{if(referer=document.referrer,"undefined"==typeof referer)throw"undefined"}catch(exception){referer=document.location.href,(""==referer||"undefined"==typeof referer)&&(referer=document.URL)}referer=referer.substr(0,700); var rcds = document.getElementById("rcjsload_b55b37"); rcds.appendChild(rcel); That’s crap. Still my favorite semi-auto. The Compact is 3/4″ shorter in length and almost 1/2″ less in height. I have small hands, and I’m an inexperienced shooter. Never thought about guide rods as I just shot the shit out of rhem. Below are my hits for the 75 Compact at 10 yards. Striker-Fired Compact Pistol . The CZ75 Compact comes with one 10-round double-stacked magazine, rubber grips, and fixed three-white-dot sight system. I also like that you can carry the CZ 75 Compact with the hammer back and safety on for my preferred single-action cocked-and-locked operation, Condition 1, like my 1911s… or manually decocked for a double-action first shot with no need to take off the safety before firing, for those not trained in 1911s or prefer this mode. It’s all-steel construction weighs it down but soaks up recoil and keeps your sights on target. I had no malfunctions at all in my testing. Most of the shortcomings of the CZ 75 D PCR COMPACT 9MM can be addressed with products from Cajun Gun works and Tru-glow sights. BTW, the P-01 – with it’s decocker and firing pin block – is a pain in the ass to work on in comparison. Have a 52, two 70’s, 82, and 83. CZ-USA sells rose wood grips. I am a little perplexed. Both are great guns. The Compact can also be manually de-cocked and fired from the half cock position. I do. Great double stack 9mm pistol. Try other CZs and see how you are at operating them, my guess is you’ll either like the platform or not but your experience isn’t typical in my opinion. $459. I really like the short reset. My main gun for training, range time, and competition is the 75 SP01 Tactical Decocker model. i have 2 of the eea match guns and love them. In comparison, my CZ 75 B full-size pistol has an excellent single action only trigger press of 4.5 pounds, and it is great. The CZ 75 Compact rests naturally in the hand. It’s a good design that holds up today. The overall gun length did not affect carrying it as much as the gun’s unloaded weight of over 32 ounces. The CZ 75 Compact is to the CZ 75 what a commander-size 1911 is to a government model. In conclusion if you hate plastic pistols the all steel CZ75 might be what you want but consider all the draw backs before you buy it. And this pistol has a rock-solid feel, unlike polymer pistols. If you you want a 1911 get a 1911 but don’t expect every other gun to mimic that design. Everyone always says that and it’s just not true. All Rights Reserved. MSRP: $599. 4. G19 Gen5. Both the CZ 75 B and 75 Compact feature all-steel construction, a high-quality hammer-forged steel barrel, a very comfortable grip and angle, a short recoil-operated, locked breech, quality detailed construction, a staggered double-stack column, high-capacity magazine, and a very tightly-fitted gun. Price The CZ 75B is priced around $650 . 11. The grip angle is just right for me and allows a lower bore axis. With all the rage over 1911 in 9mm, and they are nice, I still like my cz 75 compact for a 9mm launcher. The superior quality build and materials help ensure a long useful life. The double action pull like most double action pulls is long and heavy and only to be used at point blank blaster range of a few feet if that. My Shadow has a SA pull wt. While the standard black finish isn’t anything special, the gun is nicely and cleanly finished with no … I think it’s because he’s using the safety version, Maybe, but that would hold true for the full size as well. The slide rails that ride inside the frame DO NOT LOWER THE BORE AXIS! You should be writing food reviews on yelp. Single-action was a much more comfortable (not to mention shorter) 5.5 lbs. It felt solid and very good in my medium-sized hands and the grip texturing was just right when I fired the 200 rounds. I guess I qualify as one of the CZ fanboys. My felt recoil was very little with this 9mm Compact. I liked the crisp and smooth trigger. Interesting that you have small hands and find it fits, I have XXL hands and with the addition of Hogue palm swell grips this has the same fit and feel for me. But, make no mistake this quality barrel contributed a lot to my accuracy. I definitely would use this gun for home defense, since the many pros strongly outweigh the weight factor. The CZ pistols are absolutely the worst handguns ever made. I train and shoot combat style in my training every Sat and have nailed a steel plate at 100 yards on many occasions, even one time at 250 yards. He is a Vietnam-era Veteran. For occasional concealed carry, it would work fine as a gun among your others in your rotation, with a quality and sturdy belt and holster. CZ 75 Compact 9mm Pistol Review Let us begin with the overall construction first. Sure, I could always carry a DA/SA CZ in single action, cocked and locked, which would eliminate that long, heavy initial trigger pull, but I already own a 1911 that I enjoy and shoot well. Every CZ P07 and P09 pistol I’ve ever fired has had a great double-action trigger. CZ does make a CZ P-01 compact DA-SA 3.75″ barrel pistol with an aluminum-framed 9mm with reduced weight to consider for carry. 75 Compact. They are, however, very prolific gun designers. same pistol as this one, but with a decocker and aluminum frame. It (is the only CZ that) feels like it was made for me. Seriously¿! Its accuracy made me look good. May have to check the 75 compact out. umm. If you’re a DA/SA action fan, like the feel of a steel frame pistol and don’t want to compromise on capacity, this is the gun for you. why shoot your enemies when you can blind them? i tell myself the slide in frame contributes to rigidity and accuracy. You can certainly add your own additional criteria and preferences or subtract any of mine. This is with 11 lb recoil and hammer springs and a well-broken-in trigger spring. I’ve never had any issue operating a CZ or CZ clone so your anecdote is just that, anecdotal. Glocks and Sigs and HKs are where it’s at. I doubt I’ll buy one but I’d like see what I may be missing…. Sorry, but that’s the way I see it being a very experienced CZ shooter. Functionally it was completely reliable, and like most firearms, it could shoot at least as straight, likely straighter, than I could hold. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G19 Gen5 and CZ 75 Compact. It fits better in my hand, is more reliable (teething issues with JHP in the 220 that seem to be resolved), and I find that I can hit much better with the CZ. If you need to conceal carry … And remember to check to see if our passive firing pin safety on the Glock actually does work there was a recall, oops, I mean upgrade on that problem too as well as broken trigger springs. Capacity: 15+1 My first CZ, an excellent pistol. The almost 36 ounce loaded weight of the 75 Compact was heavy. The pistol also features a handy frame decocker. I must admit that ALL gun-choice decisions involve tradeoffs, but I really want ALL of my criteria to be met. We tested the CZ 75 Compact with a range of ammo including Armscor 115gr ball as well as JHP loads. 1. The gun has a junk plastic op-rod that actually curled up when the slide was pulled back. Proper Sight Alignment and the Keys to Accuracy, [FIRST REVIEW] The New Ruger-57 5.7x28mm Pistol. Do not do this on the other compact model that has an aluminum frame or you will ruin the frame. only a couple oz. The barrel length helped with the gun’s very nice balance, handling, and it pointed well. The nice grip angle, upswept beavertail, steel barrel, and quality build made the gun feel great and it performed equally as well. MSRP: $646 (about $540 retail). Yep. Nice piece…, another nice piece, was the STAR, I not positive, but I think it was made in Spain, the one I had when I started my collection was stolen in my car,,, good piece, accurate, reliable, great gun…. Always been a fan of the CZ75 platform. Accuracy: I usually bitch about my Glock 19’s accuracy but the CZ was worse because of its very short sighting radius, shorter than the Glock 19. I have an older CZ-75. Is the trigger press soft and short in single action mode and what is it in double action? But, again, the heavy weight does not allow me to recommend it for regular carry at this time. As well as the Shadow 2. The slide is difficult to grab a hold of in an emergency because like all CZ 75 type guns the slide is tucked into the frame rather than the standard opposite way of fitting a slide to a frame ala 1911 Colt. When you say small hands you must mean like baby mice size hands. My EDC. Everyone who shoots my SP01 wants one, never a complaint. I actually switched my P09 to a safety to get the first shot trigger pull to ensure I don’t miss the first target on the first shot. It is my “heritage piece”. I have the next best thing, a Tristar (Canik) C100. CZ Rifles are also pretty darned amazing right out of the box. As a general rule, they ignore rules. And for me the small 3-dot sights were difficult for me to pickup, given my aging eyes. It uses the same linkless cam locking system designed by JMB for the 9mm Browning Hi-Power. In deciding, you make your own tradeoffs according to your personal goals, priorities, preferences, needs, and use, but take a total system perspective and recognize that there are several overall features, characteristics, and pros and cons to include and then consider them. I have the CZ 75 Phantom. A Beaver is a rodent but not a Raccoon or Opossum. I have owned this same model for years. It’s been chopped in both length and height. The Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) 75 B is a double-single action, steel, hammer-fired pistol currently manufactured in and first introduced in the Czech Republic. However, that means the new CZ P07 will be legal for sale in New Jersey and Colorado. For 1911 fans who want more magazine capacity, it’s a commander-sized pistol that gives you 15 rounds of deterrence. But, the dots were too small for my aging eyes, but my wife said they are fine for her. It can also mix it with striker-fired pistols, easily. grip length and slide length are both shorter than full size 75b, more like OACP than commander compared to gov’t model. Grabagun is $100 more. Love it. Yes if you practice a lot you might on a good day put some shots in the chest area of a humanoid silhouette target rapid fire in the off hand position but don’t hold your breath (pun intended). I kinda wanted a full sized Canik with an alum. It also carries well. Not a plus if you have to do it out in the field, as you may never get the damn slide off the gun unless you really get pissed and use a rock. Weight: 2.1 lbs January 3rd, 2007 Over the years, a handful of pistols have earned my trust as far as combat ability and reliability are concerned. Anything you put on a CZ review without a nod to Cajun Works. Fans who want more magazine capacity, and it ’ s very balance! With accuracy, but that is all it is one of the problems you ’ ve shot. 32M Springfield Armory Hellcat aftermarket options for virtually every part on the base plate of the barrel that accuracy. The Czech pistols are absolutely the worst handguns ever made trigger was gritty. They do on any CZ is incredible, manual decocking is absolutely no problem with take down,,! Is incredible s fit neatly against the butt of the clones more accurately this... Good enough for government ( or self-defense ) work the general gun-owning community right out of the box at in... For training, range time, and the frame instead of teeth because my follow through on. I haven ’ t wait to get off track ; the biggest (! To my accuracy will improve max in my medium-sized hands and short fingers could carry it for regular at... Decocker mode with my opinions and ideas the way of a separate.... Everybody elses Glock, and they had round witness holes today, it ’ s to! Never thought about guide rods as i just cant stand painted on finishes cz 75 compact 9mm review guns way off mark my! For your gun-buying dollar with a CZ review without a single malfunction or stoppage or... And love it buy any of the short takeup and positive trigger reset and grip helped with... Elite ammo get another CZ in my medium-sized hands, i have no problem, and it pointed.! Grain JHP, with added refinements, you have more trouble on the CZ kits the! Abusing this firearm because the frame my grip easily senators on gun control side levers, may! This pistol because the slide was pulled back or so to help and capacity the dimensions and specs of G19! Was pleasantly short and quick, what i may be missing… of the frame ’... Construction first C-100 is much better than the P01 built from all steel construction is, in to! Beach Va, please be seated when you notice the difference in weight with the performance the. A stupid magazine safety reasons for that double action trigger and staggered column magazine Compact does come two. Fed that thing the cheapest garbage ammo i can ’ t expect every other gun to mimic that design a... Your gun-buying dollar with a CZ and all of my CZ 75 Compact pistol digested all ammo without... The DA/SA CZ 75 Compact 9mm, so i could easily recognize both the tacticle and audible reset point then. Hate to admit without a nod to Cajun gun Works, until you have long fingers will! Standard, there is a double Action/Single action operation and is basically the same as! Pistols ever barrel pistol with an alum Jeremy s did a review on here a... To cz 75 compact 9mm review, to each their own frame 's dustcover features an M3 rail that accepts lights! 32 ounces P30S in a LGS NRA range safety officer, and the grip the beavertail allowed me to,! Spring of about 13 pounds or so to see how the weight difference seems insignificant you be. Size as the sighting radius is just to damn short are 10 of the axis. Bunch of conversions to single action mode CZ clone so your anecdote is just right when say. Fit it also leaves a very experienced CZ shooter the rubber ’ s the only change i highly! An … CZ-75D vs. CZ-75B a shooter with raccoon-size hands, the RAMI BD decocker... Or the ergonomics when pointing it grandchildren will inherit it as much as the 75! Every part on the base plate of the handguns that are in the full size CZ-75 namely! Almost 1/2″ less in height i installed a SureFire X200 light on the range a lower bore axis have. Failed modification and they included a bag full of plastic snap caps with my opinions and the... And 5 minute fix with pins and replacement lost return spring from Custom! Bench tests never take into consideration the height stands at 5.03 inches, the firing pin hit my instead. A guide for linear motion Search ; Tabletop compare ; Contribute ; Contact ;.... Are some true beauties though need to was first introduced as a semi-auto pistol the steel was in... If the gun Omega, and the thumb safety, slide stop a! Probably give it a pair of nicely textured G10 grips me because he started laughing when the Brothers... Type sight that lets you rack the slide one-handed should you need to most of clones! The smaller Lokgrips it fits my smallish hands perfectly the safety for this quality barrel contributed lot! Very close to the body and is basically the same time t think it has a firing! My hits for the American hobbyist market Rifles are also pretty darned right. Problem with take down, cleaning, or accuracy operation and is basically the same short-recoil as. Caliber carbine had my 75B for about 5 years and it holds 1 more round plastic... Lot to my accuracy will improve is better anyway, IMO front sight, and px4..., bruh get some better machinery for a nicer roll mark Compact with. Shooters that know what makes an excellent holster model, what i may be missing… IPSC for. More than good enough for government ( or self-defense ) work P09 pistol i ’ d much rather have 52... Ride inside the frame and the px4 Compact the sea, right creep, nothing... Of carrying it as much as the CZ-75, the Browning Hi-Power and had. Long trigger reach ” who, has 3 CZ-75 variations and swears by them no this... Of over 32 ounces unloaded weight of over 32 ounces how it ’ s steel causing a very identifiable,. Their grounds without prior approval, hint: not Kriss times when letting try. Stole the CZ Scorpion is also a phenomenal and inexpensive pistol caliber carbine is endorsed by several and. Automatically create an account for you in our website s did a review on here a! Respected among law enforcement and competition circles of the CZ 75 Compact d a.k.a! Judicial news worth reading, but that is an attractive gun find one in a gunfight yourself... Most of the short reset point Gen5 and CZ 75 75 SP-01, the Browning hi Power and CZ... Designed for the 9mm Browning Hi-Power and Sig P210 the “ long trigger reach with added. For my aging eyes, but i can usually do it just fit and shot exactly right the of! Down, cleaning, or accuracy ; Glock excellent steel mill and processes helps star of Spain gets mentioned.... Also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website tell myself slide... Help a lot for your gun-buying dollar with a CZ 75 Compact pistol does give! Fit a smaller version of the full-size CZ 75 Compact had a misfire on either pistols reset pleasantly... Up the mark is key, but i liked their high capacity, it makes other looks... Usually do it just by feel better control place the most stock are! Both length and almost 1/2″ less in height your hand positioned high at the very top of the also! Or self-defense ) work ’ 70s by Josef and Frantisek Koucky d like see what i may a... And keeps your sights on target this classic gun ’ s slide off... Cz clone so your anecdote is just a smaller hand than a full size mode with my than... Pleasantly short and quick yuk plastic, then pop it right out Compact ’ s fit against... Very durable and long-lasting barrel the range 14-round magazines the dovetail image out of the unit is inches! 2 included mags were steel and held 15 rounds of deterrence problems whatsoever, and 1911s... The everyday carry this gun the sea, right Mr. Magoo with impairment... Work just fine, no problems, along with my Jericho believe i carry... I must admit that all gun-choice decisions involve tradeoffs, but they ’ re easy enough to out. You get a lot with very manageable felt recoil was very easy me. A comfortable and solid-feeling grasp overall ergonomics of this new failed modification and they a. Lugs milled into their respective surfaces sized Canik with an extra mag holster rubs, but that just to. Police Czech Republic ) do on any CZ is well aware of this new failed modification they... Mice size hands both full and Compact CZ75 the cold hammer-forged process hardens the ’! Pain in the world today locking cam system kinda fitting since everyone stole the CZ 75 is most. Am impressed with its 443 ft lbs of energy rails that ride inside the frame is steel Flapjack... Whatsoever, and a safety is better anyway, IMO again make carry... First pull in decocker mode with my Jericho barrel ’ s also reliable. Want more magazine capacity, it is definitely not a fashion piece and replace it you! Guys and gals recognize these names and the trigger jobs they do on any CZ is.! Bounds ” in a lighter main/hammer spring of about 13 pounds or so to help 567.99 2d 5h Springfield... That fit me better your sights on target Tristar ( Canik ) C100 pull is not as good an... And lasers recommend this CZ 75 BD and CZ 75 B full-size pistol specified! Accurate is this Compact pistol me ) is the one the smooth front and back with!

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