Salesperson Jon Spelt happened to be pulling a lime green Planar 3 out of a box, remarking, “What idiot would buy a turntable this color?”. After a few direct comparisons are made to get a baseline, it’s tough to go back to the older table, showing how far the engineering staff at Rega has come with this new design. Like many people I read the reports in the Hi Fi press about the Rega turntables during the mid nineties and was interested in upgrading fom an older turntable. I bought a new Rega pulley, and everything sounded great from there on. Further conversation with Freeman reveals exactly how much has changed. The Shure is one of the better cartridges ever made and I have this paired with an older Mcintosh MA6100 integrated amplifier. Overall, the table has a much more expensive, refined feel in addition to better sound quality. The new Planar 3 takes this design philosophy to the next level. This is referred to as a technical glass with no iron content. Detail is fantastic and it makes every piece of vinyl, even those purchased cheaply at a thrift store, sound better than I would have expected. The Planar 3 was my first introduction to vinyl. It just sounds RIGHT!!! I believe that the dealer service in optimizing the system especially the calibration of the Rega P3 has a significant role in how well this unit sounds despite the fact that I have changes all of the other pieces with the exception of the Rega. Hey, it was 1982, cut me some slack. If you are not reading this content in your news aggregator, RSS reader, or direct, then the site you are looking at may be guilty of copyright infringement. Bouncing back to that totally 80s groove, the synth bass line in Paul Young’s version of “I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down” now rattles the room, where the old table politely offers up some bass. ), Bryston, W4S, Peachtree.It depends on chemistry I know. It cost me $400.00. What’s more surprising is that the new plinth is a different shape to the RP8 (and likewise the RP10), presumably the decision to live without a lid and the requisite support gave Rega complete freedom in this respect. In reading what others have written here, I wonder what your total setup is relative to complaints about the sound. Clever use of lightweight particulate core with a highly rigid phenolic resin skin became the foundations of the high level of performance achieved by the now iconic original Planar range. Apheta 3 is a beautiful pickup, but hangs exposed to. And we’re happy to give this perennial favorite one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2016. “We’ve streamlined, updated and optimized our manufacturing process, so part of the way we’ve kept the cost down is by eliminating assembly time. Bowers & Wilkins 702 Signature Loudspeakers, Andover Audio Songbird Hi-Res Music Streamer – First Look, The LSA T-3 turntable from Underwood HiFi. Note: while the system listed here was used for ultimate comparison between the new Planar 3 and old to eliminate that from the equation, the majority of review listening was done with the new Simaudio NEO ACE integrated and a pair of Rogers LS5/9 speakers to keep this a bit more “real world,” if you will. Verdict: Rega has done a remarkable job with the new Planar 3, by adding finesse to what was already the most engaging turntable at the price they have created a seemingly unbeatable package. Identical copies of Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde (well, two pressing numbers apart) bring the Rega engineers efforts to bear immediately. This is my review of the Rega Planar 3. If yours is sitting on the top of a stereo rack, I am sure this table, as anything other than megabuck tables, will have wow and flutter issues from floor vibrations. Not bad at all. Not quite able to make the stretch to a Linn LP-12 back in 1982, Rega’s Planar 3 seemed the obvious choice. Yet the end result is more consistent than ever before.”. Freeman confirms the serial number, saying the table was built in the fall of 1980, adding, “I probably built that deck.” Steve Daniels at The Sound Organisation, Rega’s US importer was kind enough to send another Elys 2 cartridge for the older table, making for a direct comparison. the p3 is a sexy sleek bit of engineering… The Rega RP3s haven’t changed much in appearance over the decades. The e-journal of analog and digital sound. Well, I was that idiot, and thus began a very long path with Rega and the world of high-end audio. Stepping up to a Sumiko Blackbird 2 was exciting, showing just how much more music this new table is able to reveal. Nearly 40 years of constant refinement makes the Planar 3 the best in its class; no one does it better. Image Source. In this Rega Planar 3 review, I’m going to help you determine if this turntable (which costs about $1,000, depending on where you purchase it) is worth your hard-earned money. Great investment. The new Rega Planar 3 is a deceptively simple, high performance, high build quality, moderately priced turntable that is easy to set-up and even easier to use (be sure to place it on a level surface). Rega Planar 3 Review A truly remarkable turntable package that can’t be bettered for the money. When I talk about the design of the Planar 3 I have to say that it looks classy. And the detail and stereo image is much improved with an extended bass. If you are considering getting into vinyl I wholeheartedly recommend this turntable. Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Speaker Cables! What impression will it have on older vinyl lovers? And by combining it with the table at time of purchase, you save $100. Back when the original Planar 3 roamed the Earth, most records were only 33 1/3 r.p.m., so removing the platter and moving the belt on the pulley manually wasn’t a big deal. I'd always blamed the flutter-and-wow problem on motor torque but that's wrong -- it's the way the motor is mounted that affects flutter-and-wow. To date, the generational changes have always been about steady evolution, with the aim of improving performance. However I do not think I am going to abandon this P3. I previously had a NAD phono preamp and it was junk. A finely judged turntable package from Rega lifts analogue to its best, thinks Noel Keywood. I would never give-up my P3 for any other models within its range of budget. The Rega Planar 2 was developed alongside the audiophile rated Rega Planar 3, and has undoubtedly benefited from being co-developed alongside its more expensive and highly respected brother. Rega’s new Planar 3 is perfect if you’re getting back into vinyl and hi-fi after having a few decades off to concentrate on other things. I had no trouble installing the new motor. Other LPs with nearly identical pressings reveal the same thing, regardless of which pressing is on which table – the new table is much more dynamic, with a lot more jump than the old. If you locate this anywhere, please contact [email protected] so we can take action immediately. But I'd ask you this question: How old is your Rega Planar 3? Build quality is not on pair with the asked price. A true bargain and with so many third party upgrades it is possible to make substantial improvements over the standard deck. A chance visit to The Audio Emporium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin had them in the process of unpacking a crate full of Planar 3s as I walked in the door. It should have a pin pressure between 1.9 and 2 grams. Disclaimer: If you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Wonderful! This was risky venture, you would imagine, given the multi, multi award winning and five times What Hi-Fi Product of the Year RP3 is an icon of the modern vinyl revival. This is for the 2019 Planar 3. I've always enjoyed the RB300 arm but have been very disappointed with the turntable itself, especially its poor shock isolation and excessive flutter-and-wow. Key to the way that the Planar functions is a new bracing system that … | Find a Dealer near you to experience Rega. Value for money. Designed for Planar 1, Planar 2, Planar 3 and Planar 6 and many older Rega models; Simple screw fit adaptors are available to fit the older, RP8 and RP10 turntables; Available in two colours: black and white; 1.2kg lighter and more rigid than the previous model Better CNC technology makes for a more precise main bearing hub, with no visible fixing into the plinth. My Planar 3 is equipped with an RB-600 tonearm and Denon DL103 Cartridge. this review is trailing the other reviews by years however in the event somebody researches the P3 and wants feedback from a dedicated audio listener with decent equipment and it is in plain speak (no offense to audiophiles who are better versed technically). | I started to tweak things as I began to hear some weaknesses in comparison to other decks. Planar 3 (2016): Good tonearm. This is not a terribly tweekable table. Setup took a little time as I was retro-fitting it with my original Shure V15VMR cartridge and a tonearm lifter was needed and it took a little time to get the cartridge properly aligned as it does not have the center screw like some of the newer models. No, it doesn’t make the heavens part, but again those listening to classical and acoustic music will notice an extra degree of smoothness in the upper registers. After the recent Cadas litz rewire using my old Ortofon cartridge from my original table some years and a lubrication service of the arm and turntable bush it now sounds as I want it too. Rega was one of the first to use the massive platter approach to making the turntable run evenly. I am now toying with the idea of the Clearaudio Concept because I am so wowed by the performance of the Nano (used). REGA PLANAR 3 turntable (with REGA RB330 tonearm) Rating: THE announcement of the new Planar 3 by Rega came as somewhat of a surprise for some of us. I run: Hegel H300 integrated B&W PM1 monitors B&W PV1 sub macmini digital server Clearudio nano phono preamp LAT cables (ints and speaker) Cardas USB I have spent approximately $40,000 to end up with this $12000 system. , very pleased now . Expecting warm but sounded dull. These few upgrades are far cheaper than buying a new turntable. It has flaws though , motor hum is present towards the centre of the platter , the original pick up wiring is not particularly good and I came up with my own mod to stop the dreadful mechanical motor lumping which came through the deck . For other cartridges, Rega makes a 2mm stainless steel spacer, or a step adjustable 2/4/6/8mm spacer that will adjust the back of the tonearm for proper VTA. Powerful precision i have to say that im glad to own a rega planar 3 and i do recommend this make to a friend. It sounds great, better than my previous Project Carbon DC and better than my old Thorens TD160 MKII. cheers. Microscopically the bearing is compressed somewhat. I now love this turntable! At $700, this is a lot of performance. Which is where the Fono MC comes in, this has been introduced primarily to go with the Ania because the next phono stage up in Rega’s range is the Aria at £798. This is a follow-up to a previous review in which I was critical of my Planar 3, which is one of the first made (in other words, my Rega is very old). Attach the belt, fit the cartridge screws and set tracking force to 1.75 grams. This more robust, more stable platform makes fitting a better cartridge to the current Planar 3 a better value proposition. The motor runs extremely quiet. This is my review of the Rega Planar 3. The current setup is the best match for the P3. The arm eliminates the faults of cheaper tonearms through its one-piece, resonant damped design (no separate head shell to blur sound) and high quality ball-and-gimbal bearing pivot, and includes a damped cuing lever. My Pro-ject Debut Carbon Esprit DC with Denon DL-110 sounds better than the Planar 3/Elys 2 combination. Glad I still had my Systemdecl IIX, which I used for many years, buy that instead of this Rega, Systemdeck is way ahead of Rega and performs much better then it's price would indicate. The iconic Planar 3. The only weakness is that I wish it was semi-auto so that I wouldn't have to hop up at the end of the album to lift the stylus off the vinyl. To say these modifications made a transformation would be an understatement! Not to mention how much easier playing those 45 r.p.m. With the Planar 8 Rega have abandoned this approach and built an entirely skeletal turntable, their first unless you count the rare as hen’s teeth Naiad. This won’t do you a ton of good spinning your favorite Motorhead disc, but if you’re listening to anything in the acoustic or solo vocal genres, it’s an entirely new ballgame. It’s like a flywheel. Getting down to the business of listening, the first thing to check is speed accuracy. Last point and I believe a critical one. Cons: Needs decent support for best results. There was no comparison to digital. Better made than Project, but it is a bit expensive. The third version of Rega’s classics is intended for a new generation of vinyl lovers. It’s among the best, if not the best circa $1000 turntables currently available. yes there is a humm, after a good play, so i may be interested in in some, sound, (no pun intended) advice on practical reasonable solutions, especially on an econic level! When you make something 6,000 miles away you can’t control them. In summation, the Planar 3 just sounds right. Mine sits on a target wall mount shelf. The jangly guitar at the beginning of “Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat” push further out from the imaginary line between the speakers, painting a broader, more three dimensional picture via the new Planar 3, with the older table sounding much more two dimensional as a result. Excerpts from the HiFi Choice Rega Planar 3 . Tried B&W 803S, B&W 805D, KEF's, Dynaudio (awful! I purchased this piece of equipment without a cartridge so I don't know about the performance with the Elys cartridge. | To really get a firm handle on just how much Rega has accomplished, a 36-year-old model is commandeered to compare to the current table side by side in real time. The braces that goes from the tonearm pivot to the bearing are now 3mm thicker and the plinth is finished to a much higher level as well. During the 12-year history of TONEAudio, we’ve yet to have a Rega table measure anything but perfect speed and the Planar 3 you see here is no different. The Rega Planar 3, at $945 without cartridge has only gone up about 2.5 times in that period and has made a major jump in performance and build quality. Very musical piece of equipment and has shown as a material upgrade from my 80's Denon DP45F. Made in U.K. Take a peek at our video clip to see just how easy this all is. Comparing it to past platters, they all look green in comparison. It’s more a structure for the main bearing, tonearm and motor to attach to than anything resembling what we normally think of as a plinth. While Rega has always been about evolution over radical change, a quick look around the new Planar 3 shows it to be overall much crisper than the outgoing table. Whether you’ve been a fan for years or this is your first go, this table defines elegant simplicity at an approachable price. i also think that it's the best value for mony due to the fact that the rega p3 can rival a £1000 cd player just to mach the sound quality of the rega p3. The journey has become a destination. Rega’s RB300 arm was always one of my favou­rites. Starting as a Planar 3, then becoming a P3 and then an RP3, the Planar 3 designation returns. I have owned this table for almost a year now. The turntable sounds sweet. Very musical. format, it’s a major time saver. As usual for Rega, the pickup is mounted with three screws placed so that you hardly need to adjust anything. Please note that all TONE Audio copy and photography is © 2005–2016 TONE Magazine LLC. Like many people I read the reports in the Hi Fi press about the Rega turntables during the mid nineties and was interested in upgrading fom an older turntable. When you see the new Rega Planar 3, take a close look. Enjoy! I spent some time finding a turntable that not only would suit my pocket but one that could grow with my new found taste for records. Rega has re-worked everything save the lid and the motor for the new Rega Planar 3 and it is a triumph. well on the few chances i get to blast out all my old vinyl, i really love the sound i get from my p3, iv never altered or upgraded it since i bought it back in 96 , maybe i should, or may need to change cartridge one day, but to be honest i would,nt know where to start. Then everything opened up after awhile. About twenty years ago, it was common for Rega tables to run ever so slightly fast and once a few reviewers got wind of this, it was like the Audi sudden acceleration effect that dogged the carmaker for years after (yet no one could successfully duplicate). The Planar 3 is a budget turntable at it's roots, but it has such huge potential. A quick speed check on the older P3 reveals that it is right on spec for turntable speed, so the analog gods are clearly smiling on us this day. Nirvana unplugged just never sounded so good. The Rega Planar 3 and Exact, heard through Lounge Audio's LCR Mk.III phono stage ($300, review in progress), played these stately tunes with rich, fully resolved bass, eager finesse, and sculpted images whose solid presences were neither preposterously big nor distractingly small. It’s made of an ultra-lightweight Tancast 8 polyurethane foam core sandwiched between two layers of HPL (High Pressure Lamina… It has performed flawlessly in every way. What’s new on the current Rega Planar 2 iteration includes a brand new RB220 tonearm, a new motor, and newly designed central bearings. Rega states capacitance to 1000pF, impedance to 100 Ohm, and output voltage to 350μV. maxi-singles will be! It’s robust and well built, but still looks the business. Rega Planar 3 Grace G-727 - MCÂ : Ortofon Rondo blue / Super Supex Meridian 101/103 (35w) Harbeth Loudspeaker MKII. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. A unique one-piece design, it was easy to use, affordable yet gave superb .sound, mainly due to its rigidity. I was not very impressed with the quality of sound came out of this cheap looking TT. There’s plenty of stuff you can’t see contributing to the improved sound. We’ll also compare the Planar 3 to the Rega Planar 1 and Rega Planar 2 , to help you see the differences between these record players. Although I don't listen to much vinyl now it is nice to use the Rega. The flutter-and-wow is now excellent, music has a speed and pace I've seldom experienced before (and never with my Rega as it was previously), the drive is dead quiet so music springs from silence. Take a peek at our video clip to see just how easy this all is. Rega Planar 2 Review – Analog Plug and Play. Never fails in its performance. It is such a simple deck to use, just one button, on and off. On unpacking the deck our attention is grabbed by that minimalist and dramatically styled plinth. i believe the chemistry is set and the risk is that I acquire a technically better piece of equipment but in concert with the other parts it may sound inferior. When I acquired the Bryston single channel amps and the NAD Masters series processor I had my audio dealer come out and setup the entire system. That having been said, let me address those who "bash" the Rega: you're right to be critical of it. The Planar 3 is fairly unsubstantial in weight so it can suffer badly from vibration. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: | Additional equipment Rega Brio amp and Neat Motive SX1 speakers Price £625 Website It also got rid of phase distortion and a lot of extra detail came through. I returned it three weeks later and got my money back. QC is below average. Along with being a better motor this rigid mounting provides rock-steady power transmission to the platter. I later found out that not only had the motor pulley had not been correctly fitted (It needs a good hard push onto the motor spindle to spin at the correct RPM. The addition of an Iron Audio acrylic platter finished the job, with a fuller and more coherent presentation to the music. For $59, it’s made from a higher quality rubber and machined to a tighter tolerance, giving a better belt to platter and drive pulley interface. This is a solid turntable. Nominal output is a fairly average 350μV so it needs a proper MC phono stage or a step-up and MM stage to get adequate level out. Keep reading for excerpts from the review, and a link to download. You can hear this instantly in the much lower noise level provided when comparing directly to the old model. None of it. The plinth is glossy and you get to choose between white, red, and black. Rega developed a brand new 24v low-noise motor when they introduced the Planar 3 in 2016. It’s changed a lot. Like any turntable, the quality of the sound is highly dependent on the cartridge and then the phono stage you're putting it into. Should you order your Planar 3 with a Rega cartridge, setup will take all of five minutes. **  Ed. this causes the motor to not be rigidly enough mounted to be able to deliver power to the platter smoothly, increasing the flutter-and-wow. ), a third party pulley had been supplied with the deck. Honestly, it's like a new turntable! Read our REGA PLANAR 10 Review. Those who bash this table may want to look elsewhere in their system for shortcomings. I searched hard and eventually bought a pristine Planar 3 with RB300 and new Goldring 1012GX cartridge, however I initially had some problems with set up - the speed just seemed to be too slow. I would advise anyone that feels their Rega three sounds a bit restrained to get the Cardas kit fitted before changing anything else. He tells me that they have been going “aggressively” back to Rega’s original values and that they have done something “quite special” with the new Planar 3.

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